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3 weeks! :)

user image 2011-06-26
By: Nomad
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DfSoooo I'm just about 3 weeks into my journey and I must say everyday I look at my little dreads I love them more and more lol but I've got a few that seem like they are trying to curl back up. So I'm just wondering if that's gonna be an issue later on. If anybody could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.
07/02/11 12:17:12PM @nomad:
I try and palm roll as much as possible but I'm kinda failing at it only doing it when I wash and wake up lol but my hair was very tightly curled when I started. A friend of mine looked at them the other day and told me to probably re backcomb them but another firend told me to leave them be I'm kinda confused but I mean the neglect method says just leave it be so that what I'm doing now so any input is helpful lol both friends have very beautiful hair so could they both be right? Lol

07/02/11 02:16:41AM @devon:
I'm at my three week mark too, and my dreads are doing all sorts of odd things. When you say 'curl up', do you mean that your hair was originally curly and so your dreads are kind of spiral-shaped? As far as I know that's not an issue- if anything it'll create unique and interesting dreadlocks later on. It's just a matter of waiting until your dreads tighten up and fall down a little. My hair was initially straight, and the ends of my dreads have taken to flaring out... I palm-roll on occasion- maybe palm-rolling will help your situation as well? I wish you luck- keep loving your dreads!

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