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Too thick!!!!

user image 2012-11-26
By: Niki Aponte
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My 13 year old daughter has the thickest dreads. She has a curlier, fine, thick texture of hair if that makes since?? She's part Cuban and blackShe's had dreads for a little over 2 years and she loves all 62 of them.My concern is with all the looooose hair that comes out of the lock by the root. She can literally take all the loose hair and make new dreads. LolMy other concern is with the thickness??I've had locticians tell me that there is away to split the thicker ones to make 2. Is this possible??? Please help. I would love suggestionsNiki
11/26/12 01:43:41PM @valrie:
If you let the loose hairs become their own dreads then you won't have to worry about the pre existing dreads getting too thick. If they get sucked into the other dreads then they may get too big. 62 dreads is fairly average. Are there some that are super thick and others mega thin or are they fairly uniform? I think if the diameter of the base is bigger than an inch they may lean towards the thick side. As far as splitting goes, you run the risk of really damaging the dreads, no matter what the hair dresser says.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/26/12 10:59:23AM @soaring-eagle:

newver let a loctyician touch her dreads ever that would break literaly every hair in the dread manytimes

they arent too thick if theres 62 trhats medium size under 20 would be too thick


let the hair between dreads become new dreads that simpl,e

but u used wax

wax prevents dreading u must remove all tractces of wax andd wash more often washing helps drwading

wash wash wash and leave them alone seperate as needed thats all

and stay far away from locticians!

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