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dreadlocks shampoo
Niki Aponte


Location: Tampa, FL
Zipcode: 33619
Country: US


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Too thick!!!!

By Niki Aponte, 2012-11-26
My 13 year old daughter has the thickest dreads. She has a curlier, fine, thick texture of hair if that makes since?? She's part Cuban and blackShe's had dreads for a little over 2 years and she loves all 62 of them.My concern is with all the looooose hair that comes out of the lock by the root. She can literally take all the loose hair and make new dreads. LolMy other concern is with the thickness??I've had locticians tell me that there is away to split the thicker ones to make 2. Is this possible??? Please help. I would love suggestionsNiki
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