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Frustration and Dread

user image 2013-08-25
By: Nicole V.
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As I watch my hair continue to knot and tighten over the last 7 months, I have for the most part been completely in love with the changes as they happen.

Right now some of my dreads are in what I am calling the "flat cat turd" stage. Bumpy, kind of flat little chunk dreads. Please tell me they will even out and round up a little?

On a positive note... I think it lends a "wild" air to me lately. Perhaps I need that.

Tara C
08/25/13 08:28:35AM @tara-c:

They're looking great :) the flat ones will mostly round up. As you sleep, you sleep on different parts of your dreads each night, so eventually they round out. You might get one or two that stay flat, but the rest won't be.

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