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Dying my hair???? To be or not to be lol!!!

user image 2009-11-12
By: nicole jaholmes
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People keep telling me to dye my hair it would look better black with up dreads beacuse if u leave it ur natural hair color they are gonna look dirty !!! well my question is should i do it it that true??? i like my natural color but i dont wanna look like i have filthy hair all the tyme what to do what to do someone help!!!plzzzzzzznikki JAHolmes
Spider Feet
03/30/10 10:19:33PM @spider-feet:
Dyes and bleaches are either an acid or an alkaline, usually an alkaline so you may want to use something to neutralize that. Apple cider vinegar may work.

03/30/10 10:12:55PM @davey:
i've dyed my hair black when ever it wasn't dreaded and then when i dread it i think it kind of looks like pubes to be honest lol. i don't see why they would look dirty if they were one color or another, maybe use some lemon juice on them or a few of them and let them lighten up or bleach a few if you want something different.unless your friends have dreads i wouldn't listen to them to much; one day i was getting out of the shower and a friend had come over while i was in there, the first thing he said was "dude, why do you keep ruining your dreads? your not supposed to wash your hair if you want dreads" i had to do some edumacationin

Spider Feet
03/30/10 10:12:12PM @spider-feet:
I think black dreads look great, bleached dreads look great, crazy colors look great and natural color looks great. One thing you shouldn't do is change the color because of other peoples opinions. In my experience with hair color black seems to be the least damaging(go figure. lol). If you decide to go for it just know that the active chemicals in the dye will stay in the core of your dreads for longer than with un-dreaded hair and you may have to dye more than once because you will probably get spots where the dye didn't reach.

03/30/10 09:54:14PM @illumiknotty:
i enjoy my black dreads -- before then, they looked dirty. i would say that statement is true!

11/22/09 09:17:52PM @matthew2:
My opinion: Dreads will not look dirty if they are left their natural color. Dreads will only look dirty... if they're dirty.Dye them if you want the color. :) Besides that, I think that your dreads are beautiful and I can tell by looking that those are cleeean. :)

11/16/09 12:52:07AM @kikimcgumbo:
I think your locks look great the way they are but if you want to dye them go for it. It is entirely your choice and your locks will look good either way. :)I have heard of over dying hurting/thinning locks but I don't really know since I've never personally done it. I'm a ginger so my family would kill me if I 'ruined' my hair which I think is kind of funny because they love my locks.

nicole jaholmes
11/12/09 04:38:05PM @nicole-jaholmes:
thanku !!!!!!

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