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Nick Hill


Country: NZ


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/15/11 12:13:07PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome how are u thinking of starting?

Jessica Summers
06/06/11 12:41:41PM @alice-lane:
When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you! & love,Mia

Ganon Fraser
09/05/10 06:43:45AM @adrian-pacheco:
Your babys so adorable!

Daniela Martinez
09/01/10 06:53:45PM @erin-scherer:
Diggin' on your dreads dude---love the photos too

Daniela Martinez
09/01/10 06:52:06PM @erin-scherer:
Greetings my new found friend --- Aloha Naja

K Michelle Sanders
09/01/10 05:11:05PM @cricketine:
hellos and thanks for the request dear:)wish your dreading trip goes as you wish, your dreads are looking like they ll be brilliant;)take care,celestine

09/01/10 02:04:23AM @maggie-sheehan:
Brother! you have beautiful family photos and gorgeous people around you! Thanks for adding me as a friend! That little boy is amazingly cute!peace :))

JD Nafziger
08/30/10 12:21:11PM @edward-dwayne:
Thanks for the friendship man. your locks are sweet.

08/26/10 10:43:48AM @cinnadread:
Thanks for adding me as a friend. Your locks are beautiful!

Charles Ti Mega
08/26/10 10:33:08AM @niels:
Hi,No problem.Takecare! :0)

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