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Gettin Ready

user image 2009-10-02
By: Nick Colasurdo
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Hi guys, i'm trying to get my hair/scalp ready for dreads. What products can i use to strip it off all the oils and residue?
dweezil moon
10/05/09 01:17:39PM @dweezil-moon:
i did not a thing.natural dreading is the way i went. and i mean not even really working with them either. just beads and no washing. i go very prolonged ammounts of time without washing. to me, it smells better, like musky & incenty. ive smelt only a few dreaded heads that wash their hair and it smells mildewy to me, i do not like it. but a year and how ever long later, im nappy and happy.just do some reasearch, find what ever way you think will fancy your needs.take caregood luckmay peace lhuv n sunshine be with you on your journeys~chey

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/02/09 12:38:35AM @soaring-eagle:
well depends how built upbaking soda is good for regular hair but if u used alotta conmditioners a daily clarifying shampoo is best like nutragena daily clarifyingya only need it just to prepare tho t9o strip away buildupbut then again i think baking soda followed by vinagar should do the trichk too but leave u lil soft so maybe follow that with sea salyt and you'll be in prime dready shapeat least to me that seems like it would do the trick..but the daily clarifying will for sure remove buildup thats what its made for

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