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Nichole Currier


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user image 2011-11-06
By: Nichole Currier
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I'm brushing my dreadlocks out. I'm so unbelievably devastated. It's been a beautiful, wild, crazy four months, and I'm so upset that it's ending. In the short few months, they've done so much for me, you couldn't even begin to fathom! I don't even know what to write right now, I'm at such a loss for words. I don't want to say goodbye to them, but more like a see you later, in the next journey. As for all of you, I've come to enjoy talking to you, and everything everyone has done. I'm still going to be here on the site, just with my same, plain, average, normal, straight, un-knotted, hair =\. I don't know when I'm going to start my journey again, but I'm hoping it won't be too long. Losing them is harder than I ever imagined it to be.

11/08/11 05:29:10PM @kristina:

I just sow that you are so sad, and I tryed to comfort you somehow, but it went out like elephant in glass shop.

This mine coment realy went out wrong- now when I read it twice. I am translating in google translator, and many times I mix out or forget something. It is hard when you try to sound clever.

I am thinking about mine way a lot in last time, and I see how many thimes we give inportance to things. And how that inportance is afecting us. I just wanted to say that we are masters of our lifes, and that many of it depends of what color we choose.

... thous toughts are in in context of mine turbulences in life lately.. and they did not fit here. sorry.

Nichole Currier
11/08/11 10:14:24AM @nichole-currier:


Adva- Thank you

Kristina- I don't think you understand how having dreadlocks has effected me, and I don't think I understand what you're trying to say (Not trying to sound rude, but the internet is good at making what we say come off harsh lol) I get what you're saying but I don't really feel like it's relevant. Fitting in is the least of my worries, I never have a problem fitting in anywhere dreadlocks, or no dreadlocks (not since highschool at least) And I'm having a boy :D So lucky I have my boy and girl <3, and if you're trying to get pregnant, or just saying you'd like to have a baby eventually, either way i wish you the best luck, and many more wishes, :), kids really are a blessing <3

11/08/11 05:40:26AM @kristina:

Come on, it is only hair- after all! only hair!

We give colour to our life by giving meaning to our acts... don't feel so sad becouse of your hair... Don't fear of anithing! and don't make the huge crime on this World- feel sad!

You have planty of time for playing in this life with anything... and F*** fiting in boxes of identity, or right or wrong. You did what you tought it is corect- and this is only inportant. You have kisses and hugs from Croatia.

Will you have girl or boy baby (if I understand good, you are pregnet, or are you thinking in advance?)? I woud like to host one new soul here in our home soon, too!

11/07/11 12:45:35PM @exalthimx7:

xo Nicole'[

Nichole Currier
11/07/11 10:30:08AM @nichole-currier:

Also, I can't live knowing there are dead bugs in my hair, because I can't pick them out with the dreads. If it was a mild case maybe, but there is just so many, it disgusts me.

Nichole Currier
11/07/11 10:15:09AM @nichole-currier:

thank you everyone for the advice, I've bleached my hair, (i look like heroin addict barbie lol) tried coke (the soda! lol) apple cider vinegar, i didn't want to put mayo in my dreads, (Me+pregnancy+mayo=not a good mix specially covering my head in it.) I cried all night i sat up from 9:45, till 5 in the morning brushing my dreads out (and i'm not even half done. I'm eager to start a new journey, after I recover from losing these, and going natural. As I said before, third times a charm right?

Helen sparrow
11/07/11 04:13:50AM @helen-sparrow:

Hello There, I have found a really effective herbal treatment for head lice, called Delacet, it's a really old remedy, you should be able to find it online it's great because you don't need to comb it through, you just put it all over your head put a shower cap on leave for two hours then rinse out. It is so effective!!!! :-)

Ksk slldf
11/07/11 02:56:15AM @ksk-slldf:

i'm sorry to hear about your problem. but from what i gather from your posts, i personally think you should continue your journey. hope it all works out

Cathy Givans
11/07/11 02:40:01AM @cathy-givans:

Oh...just read my comment...take your dreads out after the vinegar part doesn't mean take them out, it means take them out of the vinegar, lol.

Cathy Givans
11/07/11 02:20:57AM @cathy-givans:

Ohhhh...this just makes my head itch! I just went through a whole house full of lice about a month ago. I had just taken my dreads out, I was able to treat as normal BUT! My daughter, she is only three and really sensitive. I talked to the pharmacist about using the lice treatment on her head and he said white vinegar. Straight white vinegar. Try soaking your dreads in them - like your whole head, from tip to scalp, for about 15 minutes. Then take your dreads out, squeeze some of it out so you're not dripping everywhere (it burns if it gets on your neck cuz it is straight vinegar) and then wrap your dreads and your scalp in a plastic bag. Let it sit for at least thirty minutes and then rinse. Retreat in 7 days and then again in another 7 days. This makes sure that if there are any eggs that hatched, you kill them off. The problem isn't so much getting rid of the lice, it is killing the eggs (which are unkillable to my knowledge). I have also heard of mixing the vinegar with alcohol. I did this for my daughter (not the long soak, just the immersion for about ten minutes) and no problems still. No lice still, thankfully. I do this now at least once a week anyway, just because I have five kids - three of which go to public school and I am NOT losing my dreads to lice - not when I have finally started a natural journey. Hope this helps...

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