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new locks and advice/help needed!!

user image 2012-02-01
By: NewLocks
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Hello,so i have wanted locks for a veryyyyyy long time.i have now started my long journey! my locs were started with a plastic comb and wax,a very dumb and impatient way.but after watchin youtube videos a came to this site and inspired for natural dreads.i have had them since december 8th and they honestly look like natural dreads of people that have had them a few months.all loose and everything.there is wake holding the tips together but not much and all the rubber bands have been out a for a little bit.i want to resort to all natural now if posible.i want my dreads perfect and am very such as types of natural soaps or shampoos to wash my hair,sleeping in bandanas,home made spray such as salt and lemon or anything i could use is asked for.thank you very much and am looking for some great responses!

02/04/12 06:06:41PM @newlocks:

now ordered!!

02/04/12 05:42:23PM @newlocks:

im ordering it soon as i find a buddy with paypal!!

02/01/12 04:59:00PM @newlocks:

thank you for the recommendation!! gotta go pick some up until i order the other goodies

02/01/12 02:57:13AM @newlocks:

your right about the ewww i felt very dirty gonna use the acv rinse next and hope for the best!!i guess i will just have 2 try out my own shampoos 2 see whats best for my hair.thank you very much for all your help!!if you come across any other tips 2 keep my locks healthy let me know please.take care!!

Heathen Hippie )O(
02/01/12 02:47:39AM @heathen-hippie-o:

Wish I could recommend a shampoo to you but I don't use one. Well, not one that many others might suggest. My son has eczema and I bought him a bottle of California Baby tea tree/lavender shampoo/body wash. I use that sometimes... shame on me. lol. It smells lovely, though. Works well. It doesn't strip my hair and my hair doesn't feel oily or sticky after using it and not washing for a few days. I alternate between the CB stuff and the bs/acv rinse when I wash. :)

Heathen Hippie )O(
02/01/12 02:38:02AM @heathen-hippie-o:

Sorry, but.... Ew. Lol. Not washing your hair for that long is unhealthy. It needs to be washed often, just not TOO often. :)

You may get lots of different opinions on what people agree with most. Everyone's hair and scalp health is different, and everyone's hair acts differently. What worked for some may not work for others. But there are a few things most people would suggest and agree on. It's all trial and error, though, remember that.

02/01/12 02:29:11AM @newlocks:

so pretty much i need to get this de-waxing shampoo get my hair back 2 health and start natural!!i didnt wash my hair for the first month n a half-_- so i can handle it.what shampoos brand wise would you recommend?and bar soap or liquid? the sight SE showed me has everything i need,just not to sure what brands ppl agree with the most

Heathen Hippie )O(
02/01/12 02:23:11AM @heathen-hippie-o:

Oh and don't wash too often, try to gradually get to every 4-5 days. Some people can only go 3 days without washing but if your scalp can handle it a week is best. I usually do every 4 days and that's because I play with my hair a lot, even though it's much less than I used to. Once my hair is more matured it will be easier not to mess with it and I am sure I could go a week w/o washing. It's a 50s beauty secret, too, haha. [going a week between washes I mean]

Heathen Hippie )O(
02/01/12 02:19:30AM @heathen-hippie-o:

I would recommend some serious stripping to get the wax out. SE has some good suggestions, I have never been steered wrong by him. When you are confident all the wax is out and you are comfortable with officially starting the natural journey, use a shampoo that is non-stripping, or use a baking soda+water/ACV+water rinse. The general recipe is 1 tablespoon of each to every cup of water. Just make sure your hair is rinsed out before switching from the b.s. to the acv. :) I don't know much about anything else. I started "no-pooing" before I decided to let my hair lock up, and it just so happens to be a healthy way of letting your hair do its thing.

02/01/12 02:18:46AM @newlocks:
thank you very much!!you are a big help already and im sure i will be coming to you alot.i have just a few more starter questions if thats fine.when washing my hair is it better to use liquid or bar soap?after spraying my hair with salt water should i rinse it or let it dry?and last is there any special brand of shampoos such as vital goods/burts bees/dreadhead hq that you can recommend?i wont bother you for a little while after this haha

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