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Location: Hutto, TX
Zipcode: 78634
Country: US


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dreads in Hutto. is there anybody in this town with dreads besides me?

user image 2010-07-30
By: NeonLocks
Posted in:
it seems that im the only one here with dreads. i want a dready friend! im moving to waco next month so hopefully there is other people there with dreads i can befriend :) does anyone else have the "only dreads in town" problem?
Justin Gibson
08/10/10 11:20:39PM @justin-gibson:
im the only person with dreads in east texas lol prlly not but i havnt seen anybody you sould move out here

08/09/10 09:28:07PM @matthew:
Mustang Ridge to be exact, near Lockhart, and San Marcos. :D

08/09/10 09:27:27PM @matthew:
Ah, I live about 15 minutes away from Austin! We can still be friends though!:D

07/30/10 07:20:45PM @neonlocks:
ill make sure to tell him! n hutto is a little town outside of Austin Tx.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/30/10 06:48:03PM @soaring-eagle:
nice tell him about our site :)i never heard of

07/30/10 06:40:37PM @neonlocks:
there is One dready that works near by me in hutto but he lives in austin n is much older than me. hes african american and his dreads are 20yrs old

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/30/10 04:36:09PM @soaring-eagle:
we have at least 1 member in wacko i cant remember whoand in philly theres dreads galore its hard to go a few blocks without seeing dreadsand we have a huge odunde fest (uganda new year) which is like wall to wall dreadswhen i was in tulsa i never saw any dreads except my best freind i lived with but since then met a few wjho live there..on this site..lolits funny but if u dont think theres any in your town theres a good chance u will find 1 right here in this site

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