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real power...........

neil coe
08/07/10 08:10:42AM
as i spoke of before i grew up going to many ceremonies and my father was always a big part of AIM, American Indian Movement, and a Sundancer and pipe carrier, so needless to say i meet some real powerful people along the way.......when i was 8 or so, my dads adopted mother, Florence Bluedog, we traveled to South Dakota for the for the ceremony and i pow wow in her honor, and about halfway threw the Pow wow 3 tornadoes started to form out in the distance, there was panic, there was so many people there, children, grandparents, families..... and then the tornadoes started to move towards the pow wow circle, shit was scary, but then this old medicine man walked out towards the tornadoes, he carried 2 sticks in his hands, and then started to sing, you could just feel the power this man held, he then raised his hand and started to direct the tornadoes around the pow wow circle to a different direction..... this happened, this is real, one of the most powerful things i have ever seen, there are things in the world that you just cant explain, and its a hard thing to grasp.... i told my gf this and she still to this day dont believe me, even when i told her to ask my parents, and she did, they told the same story but in there own words, and she still dont, lol thats why i dont tell this to alot of people cause i know from the jump they will think is BS. cant grasp the fact that not everything got a answer........thats why i think its funny when some claims they are a medicine man or Shaman, cause real people of that nature don't go around claiming it, they are just so wise you can tell, and they would never charge for their teaching and or for people to attend there ceremonies ........ and when people are tryin to make some money off the ways, then they are just fucked up and have no right............... just to share, cause i think even though some my not feel this is real there are others that will just know it is.....
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