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dreadlocks shampoo

native dreads............

neil coe
07/22/10 08:28:28PM
hi im neil coe, for those who dont know me, my dad is white/ and lakoda, but was raised on the rez so know alot more about the culture then my mom, who is full blooded Ute indian, growing up we did alot of pow wows and ceremonies, so was raised to be proud of who i am..... and my hair is a big part of who i am, being Indian and all. but cause of a series of unfortunate events, lost our van when i was a teen, witch made it hard for us to travel, and what not, well anyways, i seemed to fall out of the loop with my culture, and kinda finding my own way, and dreads is a big part of that.... well just wanted to say alittle something and wanted to know/meet other native dreadheads, well thanks for reading, introduce yourself if you join the group and say a bit about yourself, tribe/nation your from........... thanks
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