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dreadlocks shampoo




Location: Sheridan, OR
Zipcode: 97378
Country: US


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Castaway J
03/22/12 03:07:34PM @castaway-j:

wow, lol well if your that bored i would probly do the same. its better to just let them go though. not worth the neck aches lol

03/22/12 02:46:45PM @nea:

Thank you so much, I quite like them! (: & yes only two are braided because I can't make up my mind on the size or pattern for them and I'm just lazy. I did them by myself and while doing them I kind of tilt my head and it makes my neck hurt. Just doing one takes me over 40 minutes.

Castaway J
03/22/12 01:46:09PM @castaway-j:

cool! are only a few of them braided? they look great :)

Blessed Earth Mama
03/21/12 10:51:52PM @blessed-earth-mama:

Your welcome! And yes!!! :)

03/21/12 04:31:07PM @nea:
Thank you! Thats great, we can progress together!

Blessed Earth Mama
03/21/12 03:49:59PM @blessed-earth-mama:
Wow you are GORGEOUS girl! And nice dreadies right back at you! You started 2 days before me! :D

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