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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Saskatchewan
Country: CA

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Why I Started Growing Natural Dreadlocks!

My sincere apologies for how long this video is! I get really into this topic and just started rambling, I'm sorry everyone. I do hope you'll take the time t...
07/25/12 04:25:28AM @naturelover:

Thank you so much, Britany <3 My natural locks give me al lthe energy I need. And water. :)

Thank you!! You're so sweet :) I started seeing actual dread-knots at around the 10th day of me growing my natural locks! Don't be sorry about asking questions, it's good to do it. I asked so many in the begining of my journey, too. :)

07/22/12 09:15:36AM @mamakittylove:

Happy belated BIRTH day!! You and your dreads are beautiful!!

When did you start seeing knots in your hair btw? You are such an inspiration to me on my natural journey, sorry I always ask you so many questions (:

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