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Location: Saskatchewan
Country: CA

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Natural Freeform Dreadlocks at 10 months!!

All natural dreadlocks! I apologize for how long this video is.. I talk too much. I hope all ya'll beautiful souls enjoy it! You can find my blog at http://w...
07/05/12 03:01:19AM @naturelover:

That would be so awesome! I feel like my locks are tightening and growing at the same time, you know? It's a nice balance. Thank you so much for watching :)

07/03/12 06:10:38PM @sweet:

smhow you just put me in this peaceful trance, the end will dread a little more smtimes and you don't have to do a thing, doen't look like you will loose any length from now on :)

03/18/12 09:20:11PM @naturelover:

I concur! We do look a lot alike! And really?! That's so cool! If mine form as beautiful as yours did, then I'll be a happy panda. :3 I love all the crazies too! Thank you, I hope all is well for you too :)

Just Smile
03/18/12 02:34:40PM @just-smile:

ive never seen someone that looks so much like me. we could be twins! and your dreads are exactly how mine were at 10 months. crazy kinks and loops. i used to hate them and want them to be perfect but now i love how weird they are! hope all is well <3

03/17/12 03:56:00PM @naturelover:

Aww Thank you :D You're too sweet!

03/15/12 07:04:33PM @naturelover:

Aww.. Thank you so much for all your kind words! I'm really glad my videos can make a difference for you. I'm sorry to hear its difficult right now, but just believe it will be better, because it will be. :) I'm always here.

03/13/12 10:18:44PM @naturelover:

Why thank you :)

03/12/12 08:34:34AM @purkurr:

They have so much character! :)

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