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Journey: Day 22

user image 2014-04-22
By: Nathaniel Lopez
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AH! Im so excited! As I am sure you guess, I am on my 22nd day and I am loving it. There have been crazy days and calm days and i have really been enjoying watching my lock tighten and whatnots. I am loving this site and all my fellow lock lovers out there! I'd like to thank the whole lock community for all the support and advice I have been given over the weeks.

So, I thought anyone who reads this might like a good funny story about locks so here it goes.

Over the last month I have been busy busy busy. Research, gardening (indoor and out), college, helping my two of my best friends enroll on college, and I have barely had a moment to myself! I have even had to start blow drying my hair in the office while I read my research notes and articles just because I dont have the time to stand around in the bathroom. So, The other day I was in a little rush so I had to dry my hair at my desk. I had been keeping my blow dryer under my desk and I didnt really give it any thought. As soon as I sit down I start up my computer, plug in my dryer and turn it on. The first big gust of air hits my face and to my horror, there was a spider in my hair dryer!!! It flies right onto my face and i quickly lose track of it. Flailing around and running about the room screaming, the only thing I could think to do was turn on the dryer super high and blow on everything (As if its really going to do anything aside from scatter my papers all over!). After calming down and making sure that my eight legged friend was gone, I was left with two pieces of wisdom. 1) Always check for spiders! 2) Hot air burns skin and is not good for filed paper work.

Thats my story, hope to enjoyed it.

P.S. I hate spiders...

Nathaniel Lopez
04/23/14 12:43:57AM @nathaniel-lopez:

Yeah, with my luck you'd think it would have been lol. I wasnt about to stick around to find out haha!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/22/14 08:22:22AM @soaring-eagle:

haha spiders are our freinds but if it was a poisonous spider u would have just pissed it off enough to bite ya

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