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Natasha Gray


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Requiring dread help.

user image 2012-12-20
By: Natasha Gray
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Never in my life had dreadlocks before, I think they are so beautiful and even though they are a lot ofmaintenance, are pretty lovely to manage and decorate.Been considering getting dreadlocks for a good few years now but seriously don't know where to start.

I want to be able to get beautiful healthy dreadlocks that wont damage my hair in the long run.
After doing research, I have been unsure of whichtechniquesto do. I would love to try something new and I have most definitely fallen in love with dreadlocks but I want a technique that, if for some reason I do decide to take them out, I do not want to get them cut out and I don't want damage to my hair.

I decided to come to this website due to the experienced members, I would really appreciate advice to help this novice get absolutely stunning dreadlocks!

12/21/12 09:27:28AM @kelly3:

My advice- Listen to SE and Baba. They are, by far, the mostknowledgeablepeople on the site (which was actually created by SE), in regards to dreads. They won't steer you wrong. And they don't stand to make a profit from you, so you know they can be trusted.

Aside from that, welcome to the community.

Castaway J
12/20/12 10:26:52PM @castaway-j:

indeed, please avoid the wax trap! dont put candle sticks on your head because you will only end up regretting it depending on how long you can even tolerate it. theres been many people who come here after removing wax after having for only a few days! also , just think about hwat a crochet needle is actually doing! before you go stabbing and literally ripping your hair in two over and over. its very damaging and time consuming too. it creates many week spots in your locks!

once you do any method though the idea is to just let them be to begin dreading naturally. you will see TONS of changes, sometimes on a daily basis! this is great and fun to watch your hair dread day after day. when you "maintain" your locks you only prevent them from actually locking.

hope this helps :)

Baba Fats
12/20/12 09:06:28PM @baba-fats:

Dreadlocks are the natural state your hair wants to be in. The only thing that they need is time. Sine you can't force locks to grow, there's no maintenance needed. The way your hair will naturally tangle allows for it to be gently untangled. Though it can take days/weeks of gentle work, it can be done. There are even a few members here, who have starter over recently.

TnR is the best and gentlest of the starter techniques, but Neglect is the healthiest for your hair.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/20/12 08:24:56PM @soaring-eagle:

1wst off if you think they are high maintenance your dred wrong if you do make them high maintenance u do extreme harm they are extremely low maintenance



thats all

and thts also the best dreading technique

wash and wait for dreads no harm at all all forced techniques cayuse some harm tnr the least next toi natural crochet being 1 of the worse and thats most likely why u think they are high maintenance ..that or waxy disasters

read the dreaducation page

ive had dreads going on 23 years nevefr did a thing as far as maintenance goes (except wshing and seoerating)

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