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Photo uploaded on September 27, 2010
day 9
my very sad bike.
Day 4
Day 4


11/22/10 11:17:56PM @kaitelyn:
yeah!, 5 members already, we had a good idea :)im in North Carolina. we get 'snow' but nothing like up north (im from Michigan originally) maybe 2-3 inches at a time, it never sticks.its chilly here, but nothing like canada! im headed up to detroit in a week or two, may freeze to death. hehe

11/16/10 05:22:12AM @kaitelyn:
ive never used jango before, but i do use pandora and lastfm as well as hype machine. and i have heard -of- the black keys, but never any of their music. all of the friends i know who are into really tasty indie music say good things about them.and yes, i ride, for about 2 years now, my whole family rides so i kind of had to learn c(:im going to go start a biker dreadies group hehe.

11/11/10 07:13:52AM @kaitelyn:
hey hey. the song is 'snowdens jig' by the carolina chocolate drops. theyre an awesome bluegrass revival band. i never thought id get into bluegrass but theyre crazy that your bike?yip-yip for chicky-bikers. we should start a group for dreadie bikers, lol.

10/09/10 01:46:02PM @curtis:
alberta side...have you been too Lloydminster?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/16/10 01:48:29AM @soaring-eagle:
u will get loops everyone does but usualy round 3 months theyre pretty loopy

09/12/10 05:43:11AM @chick-pea:
Hey sweet, I've had some very surprising results with quantum touch. It's a little hard to explain but I'll give it a go... If your open to energetic type healing, like reiki, it will be a little easier to understand, but it's based on quantum physics rather than something spiritual. Basically it's about raising the vibration/energy of an area that your having trouble with (for me it was my hips and neck) it's not really about someone healing you so to speak, it's more like self healing, the practitioner is just there to help, although you can do it yourself. To get practical I have been standing still while receiving this treatment and have felt/watched my hips realign themselves, with no force or movement from either parties, they just started twisting themselves into the correct position. same goes with my neck, I've walked in to an appointment with my neck being badly out and my posture all scrunched up and have walked out tall, and straight. I know it sounds funny but it's not really something you can explain, you have to experience it. Basically you are just honing positive, healing energy to the area that needs healing and the body takes care of the rest. It's important that the practitoner you see is a very confident and happy person so the right energy can flow tho, I have seen people who refuse to believe it works get pretty sick when they're having it done so you need to want to do it. if you have any more questions I hope I can help you : )

08/31/10 09:56:33AM @chick-pea:
hahahahaha"its a difficult thing, taking pictures of ones own head." I have been trying to get some recent photos of my hair up but I can't seem to get the hang of taking photos of myself, I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble - a lot of people here seem to be pros at the old pose and shoot : D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/24/10 10:39:30AM @soaring-eagle:
u can tie em back but wouldnt all dayleave em loose whenever u can

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/23/10 12:07:45AM @soaring-eagle:
yea twist and rip will look best from day 1 and it doesnt unravel as easy as backcomb

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