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Naja Sage


Location: Portland, OR
Zipcode: 97220
Country: US


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Mr. Please

Duration: 00:03:35
One must be thankful for all he has-- i've seen the rich get richer and the poor get poorer-- but the Lord will provide all my needs
Naja Sage
10/08/10 08:13:11AM @naja-sage:
Thanks Che--- i think you are dripping with oouuweeee gooowee koolness-- you have beautiful eyes ( If I may say so ) I love the photos of you with the guitars--- Again thanks for comment on my music -- peace, light & love going out your way -- Aloha---- Naja

10/08/10 02:29:01AM @che:
Love it!!

Naja Sage
08/06/10 11:31:00AM @naja-sage:
stick w/ it everyday is a good day to play guitar--- it's all about the SOUND

Murphy the rasta
08/05/10 09:23:31PM @murphy-the-rasta:
im learning that thing guitar~~~Im so hungry,,,,,yeah......

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