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reverse discrimination?

10/30/10 10:59:15PM
"thats why i dropped christianity like a hot plate. most christians are stupid hypocrites and honestly, to me any other religion makes more sense than christianity, except islam....just my experience from what i see on the news and other ppl, including my sister. to each his won i guess"This is what I just read on this site, ironically discussing how people misunderstand dreadies and discriminate against them etc. I hate reading stuff like this and yet it is everywhere. It makes me so very sad to know that the mistakes of people has given the God's Church such a bad name - trust me, I get it. I once was angry at the church as well and didn't understand that God was FOR me, not against me. But one thing that is so hard to swallow is people decrying the discrimination and misunderstanding they get from others only to turn around and shoot their mouths off about another group. I don't know whether or not I am more sensitive and just noticing these things more and more, or if there is growing animosity for Christians out there.It is incredibly sad that Christians are so hated by so many people. So many are hurting and struggling and are afraid of God's people who's first and primary duty on this planet is to share God's love and compassion with those around them. I know I am often not a very good example of this myself, but I am trying everyday to become better.What is a good response to these types of comments? Sometimes I speak up, sometimes I blow up.. mostly, I think that it is not worth getting into a debate with someone who likely isn't going to listen anyway, so I shut up. But inside, I cry a bit every time and think how sad. How very sad.Share your stories and thoughts on this issue, I would be interested in knowing what you all think.
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