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dreadie journey

By Naddy, 2012-07-08
So I guess I should start at the beginning I love dreads always have but at first I was unsure so I wore fake dreads. I got bored if them, so one weekend a friend of mine started putting a few random locks in, back comb n surf wax with thread to secure it all, as the weeks went on each weekend some ones else would add to my hair it became abut if s community project fake hair was back combed as well.I caught lice and had to brush them out..So a few more years if fake dreads then I had my hair dreaded with twist n rip these lasted 4 months befor I brushed them out they weren't what I wanted.Then a friend came back from travelling with a new method if dreading, the crochet hook, she did me a set as a birthday present these got brushed out after a year thanks to my controlling exAnd again I returned to my fake dreads.I split from the cibtroll freak and then paid my friend to put me anithe set in which was also extended so u had instant long locks, this is the set I joined up with.I woke up one morning and cut the extenders out. As I felt it was cheating to have extended them.After a few months and some excessive dying the dreads started to fall apart. I brushed them out keeping 10 underneath.A month down the line I had my hair pbraided when I took them out I figured my hairs all ready sectioned I'll.just leave it. But I'm impatient, I did some light twist n ripping to get them started and then just left them to do there own thing. I 3 months in and am.learning some patients I've extended a couple of the crochet ones I've left in and I've used some non damaging dyes but now um.just letting them fo there own thing and its awesome. There are wiggles and kinks and no dread is the same :-) I'm also on a one woman mission to get my other friends to kick the crochet habbit, even though it takes away from mt friends business. Thanks for reading my rambling peace love n happy vibes
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