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dreadlocks shampoo
N. Troske


Location: Stockholm
Country: SE


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/03/11 05:15:45PM @soaring-eagle:

Al Wilson
10/29/09 08:50:03AM @christopher-ogden:
hey sweet sister!! if you want to place an order email me at and just let me know what you are looking for! :)

10/21/09 02:45:30AM @graciela-valderrama:
How's it been?

Nadya Papusa
10/12/09 05:21:06PM @ashley6:
love ya kookster!

10/09/09 02:23:14AM @graciela-valderrama:
Hello new buddy. I see you have some little locks goin. Keep it up man. Peace.

Al Wilson
10/08/09 11:56:00AM @christopher-ogden:
haha sorry mama that dress sold a long long time ago.. but i would be happy to make you one like it!! just place an order! :)

10/08/09 10:49:51AM @kel-nic-eochaidh:
hello to you as well sister!

10/07/09 11:37:01PM @ten-nebula:
WHOOP WHOOP!What up juggalette?

10/01/09 01:51:39PM @jameela-bailey:
just make sure that if u do your sons hair that u dont do it to soon. like id wait till hes atleast one and do it in is sleep. the only thing iss make sure u dont get ur feelings hurt to easy cuz you get the awe how cute still but once he has dreads u start to get the snickering and hearing ppl call u a bad mom and talkin shit. always ppl u dont know tho. and my older family members hat it but hey his mom and dad have them in my case so im sure hell want them one day, and if they dont they can always cut their hair. i personally think dreadie kids are adorable and so loving too. thats cuz they have awesome open minded parents in most cases tho.peace n love to u and good luck dreading

Marie Nadine Pierre
09/06/09 01:17:19AM @rainbow-wannabe:
graci graci, and hola hola,new babay? boy or gal?throw the comb away Namaste

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