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Intros and Hellos

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Asian/Filipino dread head pictures

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12 - loose braid close up
13 - maybe congo
11 - loose braid
10 - perfect sectioning
9 - back tnr
8 - after tnr close up
7 - after tnr
6 - undone braid pre tnr
3 - back braids pre tnr
4 - side braids pre tnr
5 - front braids tnr
2 - before back


Panterra Caraway
12/08/10 08:30:16PM @panterra-caraway:
Hi Sugar! Heard it was your birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday and a year of awesomeness! Much <3

11/16/10 01:15:03PM @pamella:
I use a little blech in some fresh water to sanitze my food...make sure to rise very well afterwards though...

10/03/10 02:35:51AM @mzelaineous:
Just in case other people read this...misunderstanding clear. CPS was called for my sister, because she's underage.

hippie mama
10/02/10 11:21:03PM @hippie-mama:
dude u need to read ur last email. its very important. i mean seriously that post i wrote was a rant b/c i was angry. besides what happened to me nothing has happened to anyone else. me coming out about what happened to me was so i could prevent that. and i did. seriously i was just really upset by her getting pregnant again and i blew it out of perportion so i just wanted to tell you that noone else has been make sure that know that

hippie mama
10/02/10 10:29:11PM @hippie-mama:
did u say ur therapist is calling child protective services on who?

hippie mama
09/27/10 09:46:20PM @hippie-mama:
lolits okay that you thats what im here for. although i could only get on for a feew minutes this time so i just kinda skimmed the first page but i will read the whole thing i just have to put my son down to sleep and i hardly get a chance to get online so hopefully next time im on ill have the time that ur story deserves in order to read it. sorry its taken me so long but i wanna actually have the time to read understand and think about what you have written by the mass of what u written alone seems like its important to you so i dont want to just skim through the whole thing i wanna read it from start to finish so bare with me. lol

Stephanie Shepherd
09/23/10 01:51:53PM @stephanie-shepherd:
LOL the hot girlfriend is listed at the top of my page, "Her_poppet". She's the hispanic one. *grin*

Jennifer Rose
08/19/10 09:47:17AM @jennifer-rose:
I added you because you said something about losing "friends" from dhhq but gaining many new friends from DLS :)

08/13/10 04:02:24PM @naturalwomyn:
aww thanks mama! I am sooo not computer literate! LOL it probably took me way longer to figure out the formatting than it should have and i must have driven SE nuts!! I gotta keep working on it but it's getting there, I guess if it helps 1 person it's worth it! (((H*U*G*S))) & Much Love

08/13/10 03:20:18PM @pamella:
Thank you for your most beautiful words :) Blessed to be a friend of yours ~

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