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start natural dread process

user image 2012-09-06
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if i kept my hair in a bun.. will it eventually dread?
Baba Fats
09/06/12 08:19:09PM @baba-fats:

Of course. Look at Eagle's 22 year old locks. He never did any maintenance at all. If roots didn't lock up, he'd have 4-5 inches of locked hair and 5 feet of straight hair. I'd have 5 inches of locked hair and 14 inches of straight hair. The loose hair at your roots is essential for new growth to snag onto and tangle with.

Baby locks usually see about 1-3 inches of loose hair at the roots. When they mature it shrinks to abour 1/4 - 1 inch of straight hair. Don't mess with this at all. You never want to see your scalp in between locks.

Also, leave loose hair alone. It will either get sucked into a lock, or form a new one on its own.

09/06/12 08:08:22PM @muss:
will the roots eventually lock up?

Baba Fats
09/06/12 07:46:08PM @baba-fats:

They will lock up. And if you keep up with separating them, you should be ok. But wearing them in a bun or ponytail does usually slow the process down a bit. But it doesn't stop it

09/06/12 07:40:50PM @muss:
will they still lock upp.. after they dry when i put them in a bun & leave em or do i hv to let them down.. they look like theyre dreadin up just fine...

Baba Fats
09/06/12 06:56:07PM @baba-fats:

You never want to put it in a bun the same day you wash. They may feel dry to the touch, but the insides are still wet. Putting them in a bun doesn't allow hair to get to them and stops the water from dripping out.

Wait till the next day to put them up. most locks take around 5-10 hours to dry completely

09/06/12 06:53:11PM @muss:
well.. what i do is ill wash my hair.. dry & put it in a bun.. everday ill take it ou of the bun & serepate them.. theyre startin to seperate & single out themselves

Baba Fats
09/06/12 06:13:09PM @baba-fats:

Eventually. But it'll just lock into 1 giant ball. If you want multiple individual locks you'll have to wear your hair down as much as possible.

If you have to put it in a bun for work, it's ok. But it will slow down the process by a lot

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