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@mrmak • last year
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/27/18 02:43:41PM @soaring-eagle:


your going to a loctician i bet..shes scamming you and doin everything wrong

1 never retwist period it oly causes traction alopecia

2 interlocking is the number 3 worse thingt you can do to drads

3 washing is what makes hair dread!

4 dry shampoo is just corn starch used to soak up oils ..then needs to be brushed out all your doing is adding oils every 2 days (not needed if you wash your hair) the oils are trapped in the cornstarch forming like a caky substance


1 fire her

2 get a good dread shampoo (bars from at best assuming your African American)

3 wash a minimum of weekly if you needed oils every 2 days try washing every 3 instead

4 if you can when washing stop the oils oils make hair slippery slippery hairs dont like to knot and lock

separate using the popping method only remember if you see scalp your casing traction alopecia

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