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Moon Raven


Location: Kenosha, WI
Zipcode: 53142
Country: US


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Dread day 13... frizz,frizz,frizz!

By Moon Raven, 2013-07-19

Hair has started to dread on its own, YIPPEEEEE! But I look like a big red headed dandelion!

Tomorrow is my youngest daughters college grad party, she's 26 & hopes to rehab primates someday.

Anyway the fam has no idea I've decided to rock dreads so should be fun when I see them shake their heads, most of them are very straight laced Christians & their road is the only road to travel. Honestly I find it very odd that I'm related to them.

I'm going to rock my baby dreads & frizzies, 8-((( , by wearing a beautiful scarf as a head band.

Peace, love & blessings.

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