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What would you say?

user image 2012-02-21
By: Monica Hunter
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I've been a stay at home mom for about a year. I'm getting ready to return to the workforce. I'm not one to care what people think, but I get A LOT of uninformed opinions and questions about my hair, often rude, but I'm not one to bite back and i usually quietly ignore it but i find myself upset later when I think about what I should have said. Most people ask, do you wash your hair, or do you put oil in it so it doesn't smell, or why would you do that to your hair? I guess I'm curious about what others have said. I want to be more prepared this time.
02/25/12 02:16:04PM @elkeinalaska:
Wth? Lost 1/2 of my comment on that response grrrrAlso"it's a renewable resource if I change my mind about locks my hair will grow back"In response to aggressive nasty comments? I haven't had any, but should I my response will be. "thanks, I don't care for your do either so how about you keep yours and I'll keep mine" or "when you live my life you can have a say about how I wear my hair":)Again, if someone asks a genuine question even if it stems from misinformation or stereotypes I try to remember that they have sensed something about me that is open enough to ask a personal question. That is a good thing no? :)
02/25/12 02:06:12PM @elkeinalaska:
I know a lot of people feel irritation towards people that ask questions but I feel like people that ask (except the ones that are obviously hating on and condescending) are an opportunity to spread information. Plant a seed of acceptance that may or may not grow. Even if someone seems kinda off because of misinformation or stereotyping, if they've asked they have some openness within.Sometimes I feign confusion. "Do I wash my hair? Of course, just like before." Or "How do I wash my hair? Dreads are just felted hair. They wash up just like any other fabric. Add water and a cleaning agent, agitate and rinse."The answer to why do it depends more in who and how the question was asked. "it's my latest art project, I love the texture" "because I've always wanted to"In response to your hair was so gorgeous before "thanks, I didn't have an attachment to my long hair (

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