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New to Dreads - HELP Please!

9 months ago
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Hi everyone, I am looking for as much information as possible on dreads. I used to be one of the people who hated dreadlocks, until about a week ago I noticed that my daughter's hair was beginning to dread on its own and the only way for me to detangle the serious dread knot was to cut or rip it out.  Detangling and rebraiding her hair and my own are extremely time consuming and painful at times, I feel it would be better to just put her hair in dreads rather than putting her through the constant pain. I would prefer natural methods but I want it to stay as neat as possible without overstressing the hair follicles.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I also am looking to do my own hair as well.  My daughter and I are both biracial (her more than I am) and have course curly hair, but not coily curls. 

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