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Mollie Hawkins


Location: Evansville, IN
Zipcode: 47712
Country: US


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cave girl dreads

By Mollie Hawkins, 2011-07-20

I started my dreads two years ago in june. I have made extra effort to ensure my dreads are natural. Minimal wax in beginning but im sure its washed out by now, well hopefully. Washed with Dr. B's soap bars once or twice a week. Occasional lemon juice baths in the summer sun. Because I have not shaped them precisely all the same with no loose hairs anywhere and perfect ends and no loops or crazy dinosaur shaped twists, I have a very natural look to my dreads, which I fully accept now and prefer over clean perfect dreads. I have had several people ask me "what happened to your dreads" or "are you going to finish them". It drives me bonkers but I keep my cool. I tend to my head full of beautiful dreads as I tend to my garden. With patience, hard work, acceptance, and love. Yes I have loose hair. Yes some of my dreads are looped up and twisted like balloon animals. But that is how I think dreads are supposed to be. In paleolithic times do you think that they sat in their caves and perfected their dreads to match the current trend? No. They didn't. Their hair dreaded as it was supposed to. Free and natural. I stopped trying to perfect my dreads a long time ago and I couldn't be happier with them now. I love my cave girl dreads.

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evening of greatness and gratitude

By Mollie Hawkins, 2010-10-18
I have been refreshed since happening upon this site. My locks and I have not been on good terms lately...frustration on both sides I'm sure of it...but alas! this wonderfully genuine website and all the truly useful knowledge shared has given me locks of hope! and inspiration!
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