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Head Lice......I need help!!

4 years ago
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I have kids in school so of course we got lice. The kids and the husband seem fine now, but I've been battling it for a couple weeks now. I used the lice shampoo on my scalp every 3 days, 4 times in a row (last time being Sunday the 23rd). I thought they were gone, my scalp has been real itchy the last couple days, I thought the shampoo had dried out my scalp, so this morning I soaked my scalp in baby oil (left it in for an hour) and when I was washing it out I found a couple lice....again :'( I don't know what to do at this point. I don't want to have to comb out my locks to get rid of them and have to start again. Does anyone who's been through this have any other advice??  

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