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user image 2011-12-16
By: mitchell sheffield
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hey everyone, i currently loop crochet hook my dreds a couple of times a year, just wondering does anybody know how long it will take for my roots to start dredding them selves if i stop this process?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/16/11 01:00:52AM @soaring-eagle:

short anser ..instantly

more clear answer

they are always dreading ast the roots

but they never should have been as tight as the looping and crochet made them

they will have to grow out some to begin proper dreading

a couple months should do it and they will start having healthy noral dreading at the roots

niow you will always have room to fit a finger under the roots..that undreaded space belongs there for movekent and proper dreading not to mention to let a finger in to scratch an itch

it also alows a better weight distribution and no tension on the scalo that causes scalp trauma

the elasticity can also theoreticly act like a shock absorber so a good yanks less likely to snap the dread

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