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Natural Neglect Isnt Working :/

user image 2018-08-12
By: MisfitKr3w
Posted in: Freeform

So I've been freeforming dreads for three months now with my best friend (both of us are white) and so far, he has got plenty of big bunches of knots in his hair and i have, well, absolutely no progress. Why is that? we both do nearly the same thing with our hair. After every shower, we towel dry our hair, we dont condition it, and we dont brush it. theres basically no difference in hair type, and the biggest difference is that hes a natural redhead, now bleached to the root, and i have dirty blond/ brown hair. Why are there no knots in my hair after 3 months of natural neglect?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/12/18 09:39:14PM @soaring-eagle:

stop towel drying his hairs extremely damaged from bleaching

start using a proper dread shampoo the liquid 1  till mature then bars

after a shower (wash only the scalp then rinse through) shake it out gently then sun/wind/air dry if you must blow dry gently a towel can undo 3 months progress in 2 minutes flat

bleached.jpg his hair looks like this undr a microscope thats why it tangles so easily

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