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Permanent dread damage done by crotchet hooks?

user image 2013-03-28
By: Miriam
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I'm 5 weeks into my dread journey. I did the twist and rip method and palm rolled a bit at thebeginningbut not anymore because I want them to develop loops and zig zags and all that funky stuff. I wash them with baking soda and water 2 a week and I sometimes do a sea salt spray. I crocheted them with a 0.5mm crotchet needle about 2 weeks ago to tighten them up. I started at the root and did about half of each of my dreads and I wasn't rough with them at all. At first they were really tight afterwards and after a couple days they were looser and flimsier than they were before I hadcrochetedthem. I read somewhere thatimproperuse of crotchet needles can result in permanent damage. I'm really scared that I will have to comb them out and re-do them. They seem very dry and loose. Please help! Thanks.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/28/13 05:48:08PM @soaring-eagle:

crochet was an incredibly bad idea it does extreme harm and will delay dreding by 6 months or more

they will recover but will take a long long time and the damage is permenant

use yoir knowledge to help prevent others from making the crochet mistake

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