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Cannabis Tax Act of Oregon

Star Gryphon
10/12/12 02:23:16AM

There is still time to register to vote if you aren't! By registering before the deadline you can vote in this upcoming election that has an item so many (including me) worked hard to get on the ballot!

This measure will legalize marijuana in Oregon and set up a system to funnel more money into our tax system all at the same time!

Even if you don't vote on ANY OTHER item besides this one....please vote! Traditionally only a small percentage of the population actually votes...but this is a time when it's important to get as many capable voters as we can!

If Oregon becomes a pioneer in legalization, it could start the domino effect we need to make it federal!

Were you aware that the federal government actually gave licenses to the Pharmaceutical company that makes marinol to legally grow marijuana? They did this so that a generic version could be created that uses actual THC versus the synthetic version in marinol.

How the hell (excuse my language) is THC legal in a pill form that you spend hundreds of dollars on legal and not the actual weed that can be grown by anyone with a little dirt, sunshine and love?

Thus, by voting on this measure you really are helping fight corporate greed! Why should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to profit billions of dollars a year when there are others who can't even afford to keep their electricity turned on?

People are dying and suffering from lack of access to cannabis for it's medicinal value.

Please help end this prohibition!

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