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dreadlocks shampoo
Minnie Pearl


Location: Phoenix, AZ
Zipcode: 85008
Country: US

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/25/12 05:55:26PM @soaring-eagle:

you want no products at all but how did u start dreadinjg

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/24/12 04:58:53PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome how are u thinking of starting?

Porsha Dawn Kate-Marie Parker
04/21/11 10:44:21PM @gingey-mcgingeginge:
Do you have any recent pictures? Would love to see some!

04/20/11 02:52:49PM @shawn-nixon:
Thanks for the friend request! So cool you're an RN. I'm hoping to join the medical comunity as an IBCLC one day. :)

03/29/11 10:58:48PM @maggie-sheehan:
Hello! thanks for friend request :) hope all will go down well with your job and dreads. much luck !

DJ Cumings
03/29/11 05:35:22PM @emily-acosta:
How you doing chicka? Hope all is peachy :)

Corey farmer Sr
03/26/11 02:11:27PM @lettuce-kollective:
haha MEDUSA. awesome name!

jedediah ryan smith
03/20/11 02:17:45PM @alisha:
Hi! Thanks for the add. Love.

Samoan Empire
03/10/11 05:03:13PM @shelley-hutton:
Thanks for the friendship :o) I think you are beautiful <3

Cyndi Samura
03/10/11 04:59:40PM @charlie2:
Hello :)

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