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@midwestthic • 2 years ago
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@midwestthic • 2 years ago • comments: 3
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"Thank you so much for the advice.  My concern is walking around with a bird's nest on my head.  I've always been a very meticulous person.  I mean, what..."
@midwestthic • 2 years ago • comments: 2
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"Hi, I have questions...maybe, just maybe, I did.n do something right.  I'm noticing thinning edges and at the crown of my head.  I get my hair retwisted once..."
@midwestthic • 2 years ago
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07/26/17 01:08:04AM @irie:

I am not as much of a professional as Soaring so hopefully he will be back soon to help everyone.
I think we're all at our wits ends without him here to help us but I want to help as much as possible till he's back.

First and foremost this is not what you are going to want to hear but its what you need to hear.
If you are balding or your hair is thinning I would be willing to bet my own healthy hair/scalp it is being caused by your stylist.
First and foremost you should understand traction alopecia; what it is, and what causes it.


Now with that being said I hope you read at least a little and learned what (assuming you're like most) the problem is.
I want to direct you here; there is lots of very useful threads about it, and many of people who had the same issue as you.
Recovery is possible if you notice early, not fast but the sooner you stop the detrimental routine maintenance the less likely you are to go bald.

This is a perfect example of what salons will end up doing to your hair;

I see that you say you rewist and braid once a month, the retwisting is pulling at your hair and causing traction alopecia.
Dreadlocks are the natural state of all human hair. You do not need to do anything to them for them to dread, stay dreaded, and stay healthy.
The only thing you need to do is keep them clean, clean hair dreads faster. (its also important not to use the wrong product when cleaning your hair; any residue left behind is very bad)
In matter of fact the more you do to them more often than not, the more harm you are causing.

I in some manner see why people do some of these routines; be it not liking the lose ends sticking out or it being frizzy.
However I could never weigh that against the health of my hair, I will take my natural dreads and let them be frizzy sometimes rather than force them into something they're not meant to be.... just to end up going bald because of it.

I want you to keep that gorgeous head of hair; everything you need to know is on these forums.
When soaring is back from the Rainbow Gathering I'm sure he will have more to say than me.

07/25/17 04:52:41PM @midwestthic:

Hi, I have questions...maybe, just maybe, I did.n do something right.  I'm noticing thinning edges and at the crown of my head.  I get my hair retwisted once a month for about 4 years.  I've bought thinning edges grease, used castor oil, but, nothing seems to help or I'm not diligent in using.  I also sleep in a satin cap that ties to the back.  I'm truly at my wits end...HELP!

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