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Concerned about new dreads

user image 2010-07-13
By: Michael MacDougall
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Hey,Never had dreads before. Thin straight caucasian hair. My hair always got oily very fast very easily. Probably why i've never had dandruff in my life. Kind of a problem though. It was annoying because I would ALWAYS have to wash my hair after 2 days. My hair has never adjusted otherwise. In highschool I tried to go as long as possible without washing my hair, no shampoo at least. A wet rinse once and awhile and went for 6 and a half months. Even though it went through it's own grease cycles.My dreads seem to be holding together but they just look like straight twisted bits of hair. Not dreads. I'm probably just being paranoid. I wish I could get a decent photo. Maybe tonight so I could get some opinions. I redid most of them yesterday because I had a lot of very thin ones and still do. I have a lot of hair that came loose in the back that wont even dread together because it's so oily.Is this bad? Should I wash? It's been 4 days almost which seems like it would be too early to wet them. But if you cant dread oily hair doesn't that pose a problem?
Island Mamma
07/13/10 07:52:48PM @island-mamma:
Just relax and get comfortable with teh site, look through discussions and groups and the methods on the right hand side >>>> over there.You'l find loads of advice and stories from other dreadies...and like Knotty mentioned wash when you feel the need to wash.

Michael MacDougall
07/13/10 07:38:22PM @michael-macdougall:
Hey,Just the back combing method. I wish my stupid laptop would connect to the internet but the wireless internet in this building sucks where i'm sitting. I'll get them tonight when I get home. I have only had them for 4 days so concerned about washing them but it would almost seem logical because they're pretty gross.Back combing, palmrolling and twisting. I never liked how the twist and rip method looked over time. I am hoping to get smooth dreads and they always looked pretty frisky...You're right it's probably not. I work in a massive building. I work in a call center and and over 800 people work here and you get to know everyone pretty well. So I get to hear everyones opinion and none of them know anything about dreadlocks. So I just gotta trust it and let them go.I'm pretty sure I ripped a good chunk of hair out in the back, but cannot see it haha. Wish I could confirm it...

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