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My natural dread time line.

user image 2012-01-21
By: Michael Haines
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Ok let me start off by saying hello to everyone, Im gonna trim through the fat and get right down to it. I am 30 yrs old and have always wanted dreads, But I work in the medical profession and that is frowned upon. Well guess what to bad work because for the past 6 months I have decided to grow out my hair for just one purpose to let it dread. So I figured since I was really interested in seeing how the natural process works I am gonna start a time line to share with others that might be on the same quest. My method is simple to go natural no products and no combing just good old fashion time and patience. I will try to post a new picture everyday or at least every other day. I feel this should help make a solid time line. (This is day 1 top view of my head) ps I washed the night before with BS.

Michael Haines
01/27/12 07:48:27PM @michael-haines:

(Day 7) Ok so i dont know what happened from yesterday to today but there are big changes. You cant reaally see it in the pics but my hair is starting to section and some sections have joined together "Awesome" lol. slept in a wool tam last night so maybe that helped dont really know. Ok so today its been a week so from this point on im prob just gonna update weekly. One Love

Michael Haines
01/26/12 09:05:30PM @michael-haines:

(Day 6) I took a shower last night and I think it might have messed me up alittle. lost alot of that spaghetti look :( i'll probably wait alittle longer till I wash next time.

Michael Haines
01/25/12 10:27:03PM @michael-haines:

(Day 5) So day 5 and im not sure whats happening with my hair it seems to be getting really wavy and its starting to look like thick spaghetti. I love it! Its just doing its own thing. Im gonna wash tonight with BS cause its looking alittle greasy. Hope its not to soon to wash?

Sorry about the pics im using my webcam.

Michael Haines
01/24/12 04:13:32PM @michael-haines:

(Day 4) Hello my friends so this is day 4 I no this is prob boring to see my pics everyday but I really wanted to create a solid timeline. So nothing new yet never realized how much I touch my head until now I dont touch it at all, just wake up in the morning shake my head and get going. Funny thing today a girl I work with said to me "whats going on with your hair I mean it looks like its getting matted together." she was trying to upset me but what she doesnt realize is she just made my day lol. Well until tomorrow my friends One Love.

Michael Haines
01/23/12 08:14:37AM @michael-haines:

(Day 3) ok so here is my day 3 photo. Not much going on I washed last night with BS and let air dry. I have started to notice the hair on the back of my head is starting to collect together not really knotted just together. (making friends lol) and I have noticed my hair starting to curl.

Michael Haines
01/22/12 08:58:11AM @michael-haines:

(DAY 2) ok so this might not be to interesting at first since i know not much is happening , but to say true to my words here is a picture of day 2,

Michael Haines
01/22/12 08:48:41AM @michael-haines:

Hey Soaring eagle, Some people I work with have a very blind eye to what really matters in life. I guess you can find people like that anywhere ( sad to say) I agree with you though, I was surprised when I told my patience my idea they all support me which is pretty cool since 80% of them are police officers lol

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/21/12 09:22:21PM @soaring-eagle:

friowned upon/

what makes you think that?

i found dreasds are very much admired in the medical field even tho many dont understand em they still admire m and sure do not frown upon them

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