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Michael Haines


Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Zipcode: 33411
Country: US


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My natural dread time line.

By Michael Haines, 2012-01-21

Ok let me start off by saying hello to everyone, Im gonna trim through the fat and get right down to it. I am 30 yrs old and have always wanted dreads, But I work in the medical profession and that is frowned upon. Well guess what to bad work because for the past 6 months I have decided to grow out my hair for just one purpose to let it dread. So I figured since I was really interested in seeing how the natural process works I am gonna start a time line to share with others that might be on the same quest. My method is simple to go natural no products and no combing just good old fashion time and patience. I will try to post a new picture everyday or at least every other day. I feel this should help make a solid time line. (This is day 1 top view of my head) ps I washed the night before with BS.

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