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So i have this nervous habit..

user image 2011-01-02
By: Mia Elizabeth
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Some people bite their nails. I rub/itch my scalp. I am wondering if this is stifling to my dreads or what? If anyone knows please let me know. It may be my new year's resolution. :) Oh and feel free to share your nervous habits etc.
Arden Rayne
06/09/11 11:53:31PM @arden-rayne:
I do that when I'm bored or feel confined.

Mia Elizabeth
01/12/11 02:02:39AM @mia-elizabeth:

@asta- it's nice to know im not alone :)

is yours a nervous habit or what?

OH no your poor brother!!

@Nich- I backcombed. It's like where u section the hair and you tease each section tightly but gently .

Nich Brinda
01/11/11 11:46:35PM @nich-brinda:
so how did you start your dreads and i would like some tips on trying to start my own

Mia Elizabeth
01/02/11 10:51:10PM @mia-elizabeth:

thanks SE :)

i think i will work on it.

any new year's resolutions for you?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/02/11 10:24:47PM @soaring-eagle:
dont think it matters but why not stop anyway if u can

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