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1 year of Dreadlocks!

By: Melony
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Wow, the time really flew by... I can't believe its already been a full year that I've been dreading.

I'm constantly getting compliments on my hair, and people asking if they can feel it. I really dislike the stereotypes associated with dreads, but people will think what they want I guess.
Before dreads people thought of me as a "valley girl" I always wear makeup, and I used to spend hours doing my hair... So I get where the misconception may come from.. but now that I have dreads, it seems like people see me as more down to earth and laid back.
I love that I spend virtually no time styling my hair, but as of the last month I've been itching to change my hair somehow.. I ended up dying it a few times, and now I'm wishing I would have just left it alone, I really liked the color it was before.. and now I have to worry about upkeep :(

Overall its been an amazing year and some really great things have come my way thanks to my dreads.

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