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I have new dreads and need advice! =]

user image 2012-08-17
By: Melina Deeks
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I had three dreads done about a week ago, and plan to dread the rest of my hair soon. They were kind of half backcombed and Ripped and twisted. I'm just not really sure how to take care of them.

Some websites say that I should use wax, and the woman that did my dreads said i should wax and roll them. But other websites say that wax will cause mould and dread rot.

So all in all, I'm a bit confused and would really appreciate some advice on the upkeep of my dreadlocks.

Thanks a lot guys =]

Melina xx

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/17/12 01:09:57PM @soaring-eagle:

if she suggested wax do nhot let her touch your hair again wax is pure evil it will prevent them from ever dreading and ill cause them to rot

if she pur wax in then u must remove it in fact its better to comb them out and start over

if yu dont know what he used then dont go back

to dread all u need to do is not comb

that simple

dreads dont need to be made they make themselves!

going to a salon is a huge waste of money and they do everythingwrong

to care for dreads

wash 1-3 times a week and seperate as needed

thats all

again do not go back

she screwed u if she used wax

08/17/12 12:30:33PM @ixchel:

never use wax, ever. & palm rolling isn't suggested either. did they put wax in when she made them?

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