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Philly dreadlocks community and LGBT

Leah Danastasio
11/06/14 08:17:15AM

Hey, my name is Leah. I was so happy to see that there was an LGBT link on here. I grew up in the Philadelphia area and still reside in the area (well right over the bridge). I love Camden and I love Philadelphia, what other city has rainbows on their street signs in an area of center city called the "gayborhood." If you are ready to come out there is no better place. Anyway, I'm 33, a lesbian and I came out 12years ago to my family but knew it since I was 5. Anyway, I'm just putting myself out there, I'm new to the site and Soaring Eagle had mentioned that there was a group somewhere over here. If anyone knows of it that information would be great. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day. "LOVE & PEACE 88"

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