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My Dread Journey (Dyeing of the Dreads!)

By: Meeoko
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So I've been wanting to dye my dreads for some time now after seeing some beautiful pics on here of people with odd locks or the tips of their locks dyed and thought seeing as my hair is the next shade down from black that a light colour on the tip would look really gorgeous.

I've been holding off on doing anything particularly to my dreads as they're only just approaching the four month mark and although they've done really well, I didn't want to do anything to hinder or upset the locking process.In the end though temptation won over and after researching a few 'dread dye' related Youtube vids I settled on the idea of just doing the tips (my locks aren't prominent enough yet to dye whole individual ones).

So, grabbed myself a bottle of Peroxcide and some BBlonde bleach stuff and applied it. This was me before the dye went on:

And after chucking the dye on for an hour, I washed it out and realised that it hadn't quite gone the blonde I had expected but because I hadn't put enough dye on my dreads it had instead gone a tint of ginger!

But you know what? Once my hair dried off and I could see what it looked like as a whole I actually really LOVED IT! I thought about re-dyeing to try and go blonde, but to Hell with it! I really like the look of how they turned out. See for yourself! :)

Of course the coverage isn't great because I didn't use enough dye so there's patches of brown and black in there, but considering this went wrong it could've looked considerably different (and not for the better!). I'm putting this one down as a happy accident.

I always wanted to be a redhead anyway :D

Owl Lady
03/31/14 07:00:13PM @owl-lady:

love the ombre! I'd keep it ...keep your hair natural n healthy

03/25/14 06:32:25PM @zoeyrainsmom:

When your hair is dark you can get it to lift to a lighter color if you apply heat (while your hair is saturated with bleach). Make sure the bleach doesn't dry out in the process though

03/25/14 12:16:47PM @interrstella:
I love it! Also, it's completely normal to get that color the first go around with low vol bleach :) Loving the locks and the color :)

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