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So I've been wanting to dye my dreads for some time now after seeing some beautiful pics on here of people with odd locks or the tips of their locks dyed and thought seeing as my hair is the next shade down from black that a light colour on the tip would look really gorgeous.

I've been holding off on doing anything particularly to my dreads as they're only just approaching the four month mark and although they've done really well, I didn't want to do anything to hinder or upset the locking process.In the end though temptation won over and after researching a few 'dread dye' related Youtube vids I settled on the idea of just doing the tips (my locks aren't prominent enough yet to dye whole individual ones).

So, grabbed myself a bottle of Peroxcide and some BBlonde bleach stuff and applied it. This was me before the dye went on:

And after chucking the dye on for an hour, I washed it out and realised that it hadn't quite gone the blonde I had expected but because I hadn't put enough dye on my dreads it had instead gone a tint of ginger!

But you know what? Once my hair dried off and I could see what it looked like as a whole I actually really LOVED IT! I thought about re-dyeing to try and go blonde, but to Hell with it! I really like the look of how they turned out. See for yourself! :)

Of course the coverage isn't great because I didn't use enough dye so there's patches of brown and black in there, but considering this went wrong it could've looked considerably different (and not for the better!). I'm putting this one down as a happy accident.

I always wanted to be a redhead anyway :D

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Man! So I know I haven't really been keeping on top of photographing my progress and stuff but now that I've just done it and had a nosey at what all of my dreads are doing in more depth I can't believe how busy they've been! I mean seriously! They're all zigging and zagging and looping and doing all sorts of cool, awesome shit!

So this is the three month mark of my dreads now using the neglect method.

I can't wait to see how these all turn out! Really hoping to get more on top of my salt washes now so that things can start to tighten up and I can be a bit more adventurous with beads (won't be trying wraps for quite some time as I'm pretty sure my hairy darling will eat nearly anything I put near them).

Here's the underside:

This might also give you some idea as to the extreme levels of frizz going on up in there atm:

But best of all are some of the individual things my dreads are doing. What started off as fairly small zig-zags, lumps and bumps have now evolved into something completely different and my dreads are taking awesome squiggly wild dreaddiness to a whole new level! Check it out! Seriously, what is that? It's my favourite dread - makes me think of a treble clef! <3

So yeah, very happy with dread progress at the moment, though I must admit I haven't been keeping up with the salt washes so much so frizz and dandruff are still reigning supreme atm.

But regardless, I'm really pleased with the way my dreads are forming and even more so because last night I showed my grandfather them for the first time. He's my favourite person in the whole world and at first I thought he would disapprove as he didn't like my last set of twist n rip dreads, but instead he gave me a beaming smile and said that he loved how wild it made me look! So that's given me a huge ego boost!

Roll on month number four baby! :D

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Okay, let's do this!! Blogging - yeah man! Woo!

So, I started my dread journey on 5th January 2014.

I had originally had locks for about five months prior to this but (stupidly) had gotten bored of them, taken them out and then immediately missed them. Because the first time round I had done the T&R technique, I wasn't so sure that the way the locks had formed were for me. I've seen lots of beautiful pictures of women with neglect locks and I loved how their dreads still looked a lot of my normal non-dreaded hair whilst maintaining that gorgeous dreaded look to.

So, I tried my luck with the neglect method and this blog is to show my progress as they begin to mature.


Firstly, here's my natural hair as I started out on day one .


Okay so I haven't brushed or shampoo'd my hair for a whole week now and my hair is starting to seperate itself into sections. Not a great photo but you can see at the ends that the hair is starting to come together.

There's already a little bit of knotting going on beneath my neck because I sleep on my back, but haven't needed to do any separating yet. So far just happy to sit back and let them do their thing.


So I've made it to the full month mark! My hairy babies are now one month old .

As you can see I've now got quite a bit of definition in my sections of hair, aside from on the underside of my head on the right hand side which isn't really doing anything at the moment particularly. I'm washing my dreads once, maybe twice a week and am also using salt washes twice a week between that.

Luckily I have quite knotty hair as it is so things are starting to tangle up rather quickly. Having to separate them twice a day now as my hairy babies are all determined to congo already! :P

And here's the underside.


Okay, so here are my hairy babies at the two month mark . Hooray!

Starting to see more definition in the sections as the hairs start joining up and trying to congo but this isn't reflected that well in the photo because the frizz has also started to get a bit mental.

So lots of frizz going on, still seperating twice a day to make sure they don't all blend together though only washing them about once a week now and only doing salt washes perhaps once every two weeks. I should probably get back to doing that....

A few sections are starting to loop and go lumpy, which is awesome and they're beginning to develop their own little personalities. Here's hoping to see more interesting loopies and zig-zags in the months to come!

Starting to see some cool lumps and bumps as my babies dread up

So the goal now is to reach the three month mark and see what happens next! I love seeing the weird and wonderful new things my dreads have been doing step by step so looking forward to the next stage!

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