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2 weeks in

By: meakia miakinkoff-murzynsky
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I am so happy :0) I have been wanting dreads for 4 years, and have been hesitating because I didn't really understand the process and thought that my hair was to thin and silky and wouldn't look good at all (I used dreadhead hq last time, so I had big spaces in between each one from banding and they were skinny and sticky from the wax) but 2 weeks ago after my husband and I had decided that I would be staying at home with our boys and homeschooling them for the foreseeable future (I'll worry about employers and their prejudice later) I put them in via twist and rip and I have been washing about every 3 days with a nice tea tree bar soap I found at trader joes, and using sea salt. I think it is actually starting to work, I have some loose hair, but the roots are starting to feel like the knots are sticking together (after some root rubbing). The only thing is that I feel like some of them want to grow together, I'de rather they didn't, as I only have about 20 or so, so I keep separating the lovey ones and I'm sure they will figure it out. :0)

Tara C
03/04/12 08:58:05AM @tara-c:

Glad you decided to do it again, and without the use of wax this time. Your hair will dread fine, sounds like you're doing the right things, except maybe root rubbing, I read it can damage or weaken your hair, but I'm not sure. Anyway, enjoy the process of watching your hair dread :)

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