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Stirring up the past

Steaze McGee
01/17/11 05:53:36PM

Hey guys. I had a really tight experience last night. My friend lost her dad when she was 6 months old and she is 21 now. She talks about him every now and then and I know his story through an experience I had. I was playing flag football and went to intercept a ball and broke my jaw. Her father Mike was doing to same thing and dove for a ball and got hit in the temple and died of brain damage.

On the night of January 16th she pulled out some things her mom gave her recently about her father. We began reading tons of letters from friends,acquaintances and even a lawyer. When we began it was a still night, about a half an hour in to reading the wind started really making noise. We went outside and just sat there looking at the moon and listening to the wind. We were both thinking the same thing, how strange and wonderful it is that the wind kicked up. I think there was a presence of her father in the air. I am really glad that I was around when this occurred.It seems when we looked into the past we stirred up all of nature.

I just thought this story should be shared here.

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