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Sometimes they do come back..

Ham'diya Mu
01/10/11 02:55:41PM

I have always been attracted to the occult via religion or personal encounters or other just very freaky yet interesting experiences with other people. I have had out of body experiences and seen and hear "ghosts" as long as I can remember and for the most part I haven't had any negative events but I only wished that I had better earthly guides when I was younger because I would have understood early on that I wasn't weird and that many children experienced some of the same events and that this was not only "normal" but in many cultures welcomed and honored..well even through my family kinda acknowledged my uniqueness they didn't make too much about it and sometime suggested to kinda keep it quiet that I had that ability so they implied that there was something a little wrong with either what I had or even a little bit there was something wrong with me..

As time grew on and I gotten older I researched about the occult and paranormal events and those who had those experiences similiar to mine. I even thought of starting a "sister group" of those who were not afraid to share their experiences and maybe called themselves should we dire.."Witches" . One thing I can say without fear and true certainy that anything you embrace with the disipline of study, action or deed with either strenghten you or break you depending on your intention of action... I kid thee not!!

With that being said, I would notice that the "dead" would come and visit me upon their earthly departure. And their visitation always was different depending on how close they were to me..Sometime it might be just a thought or memory of them and later I would find out they passed or a full blown paranormal event which included things knocking over and sounds..a very real very present haunting!! Sometimes I even smelled things like there perfumn or incense that was associated with them.. the dead are more alive then we I was told, that they are still aware of us and that the connection between life and dead are actually one in the same..

What do you think about that??

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