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In the grand scheme of things... How I remembered 9/11

Ham'diya Mu
09/21/10 02:32:57PM
In the grand scheme of things.. How I remembered 911(for those who are reading this..most likely there areTypos and Ebonics and stuff like that. Well isnt life fullOf typos..? )Today was special because I awoke to see it..every thing was still in its place, I had a little sex play with my hubby, took a shower together and begun the day quite pleasant wouldnt you think? My precious family where home from a nice vacation at the shore yeap my son and his wife and my adorable grandchildren Kayla (4 years old) and jaiden (like about 15 months who is walking and trying to say words) all around the kitchen table eating breakfast..I had kissed my man and off he was into the world to handle some business with T.j. one of our other sons who travels with Pop when I cant ..Everyone I knew and especially LOVE was alive with me doing what ever they were doing in their own private Ohio ( Im not being sarcastic just stating a fact), the point is as of this text we are all alive and I am very aware of that precious fact, at this very moment in this very uncertain. As frail as a cob web, I or you or anyone at any time can stop being..that is a natural fact, universal live you dieeverything!And though I state this fact..I still mourn, grief that lost of love ones and those I dont know but know that they were part of the fragile web of life. I know they were alive and doing whatever human experience they had to deal with everyday they were on planet earth at that very moment.And I meditate on what was their morning was like on that very day..was there the slighted hint that that day was going to be so, so big so permanent. Life is one thing we can not control. We might can influence episodes of interactions, choose the shoes to wear with the outfit providing one has shoes or an many, many variables with universal law in effect like we all have to eat food, poop, sleep and need each other whether we want to face that or not.. Whether you hate your neighbor or parent or yes even that bratty kid you call your child(ren) if I should dare.. Humans need other humans to exist .. Not arguing about that.And I wonder about them.. The them I dont personally know but knew they existed connected at that momentand time has not and I for this however brief moment are still here neither know how sacred barely a movement on the finest strand on the cob web and then we are gone..are we really gone..? The flesh is no more but are we really gone..yes at least part of us.I want to believe in an after life. science has said matter can not be destroyed only transformed.. What the fuck do they know?? We humans in our quest for the illusion of solid,permenent, steady, secure, immortal and all those other adjectives to describe forever just isnt so..But I asked, are we gone ? The only answer I have at this time is yes and no..yes the flesh is done but the we really have a soul ? I truly want to believe we do but ever more sure of that I know I see my immortality in the eyes of my children and my grands so long as they are among the living and conscious of my presence.So with that gentle clue it comes to me that it is the utmost importance to live and love as much as one can but not exquisitely soully for self but to touch as many lives in the most positive of ways.. To plant as many seed of love, kindness, and compassion as possible. To be that one to make a difference in the most positive of about your 15 minutes of fame..To find as many ways to laugh and share laughter with as many people as possible and to embrace life for life. To not live in fear, take a chance and believe that people are inhereditly good .. Not being nave but, give peace a chance.. Let it be your first thought. Love for the sake of loving and own up to your short comings because your are only human..that is the real legacy..They ( who ever they are) might build a memorial to you or donate money to charity in your honor..they (who ever they are) might party with your money or distribute your things, your dead so what does that matter..your earthly affair are over but wouldnt it be very cool if your people remembered you with a smile..aah a gentle breeze on the cob web of life..I dont know..who am I ..just one human who has the moment to share this thought with you.. And the beauty is I am most definitely is alive to do this but, who knows later? I dont care because every moment right now is all the past the present and future is in it, thats the gift.. And yes even death thats just the way it is..universal law. You live you died. Thats the real solid, permanent, immortal.. So I guess its about how you live..well at least it is for me. We will all meet in the end. Death will have its way with all of us so while we can one should have its way with life with all the human experiences what we call good or bad and all the other variables that is just the way it is on planet earth and it seems that no matter how many of us strive for enlightenment or whatever we give value, it still comes full circle .. You cant go to terribly wrong with love..I guess well it has been working so far for me..Peace to my fellow humans who made transition on that day in that event.May your life have been a source of peace and healing to all you have left behind..The cob web of life gently sways..
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