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Matthew Young


Location: Lawrenceville, GA
Zipcode: 30044
Country: US


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Lonnie Berg
11/07/09 12:36:48AM @lonnie-berg:
Greetings Brother, welcome to our phamily, there's a lotta very kynd and friendly folks here and probably anything you'd ever wanna know about Dreadin, namaste'

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/21/13 02:33:24PM @soaring-eagle:


yior dreads are awesome

im gonna feature u but..u gotta be more active in the forums :)

12/25/12 02:48:01PM @chad-white:

Hey Pam Cakes! Yeah i'm working on getting a facebook, lol but you can always catch me on yahoo. "," i just recently got on instagram qube_goodie the name, well u have a fun and safe holiday, merry Christmas

08/15/11 01:11:11PM @chad-white:

Greetings how have u been!!!?

Bob Davison2
06/21/11 11:38:35AM @brandon-tomaselli:
Hi sister !Be well come in muy "FRIEND'S GALLERY" !Is a happyness to have you as friend .GREATS FOR YOU !

06/18/11 12:59:06PM @chad-white:
Wha Gwaan!! Wha yuh ah deal wid!? Whaapm :-)

Jo Woods
06/07/11 01:45:45AM @lovescompass:
Have fun with it, luv!! Take lots of pics to remind yourself of the results and what you like/don't like x0x

Jo Woods
06/06/11 11:36:48PM @lovescompass:
Hey, chica!! Can I say again how FAB your dreads are??? LOVE your profile pic! You know the fun I have with my "faerie wraps" on my dreads?? You don't have to buy crazy expensive threads -- I use simple, colorfast Singer sewing thread. Oranges, reds...some greens, pinks..some blues and purples. Just have fun with it. Some people use embroidery threads and I have been thinking about maybe getting a little for one or 2 dreads. The sewing thread has really lasted for me and the colors are still vibrant. I call them "faerie wraps" because they remind me of something enchanted creatures might do to their hair. Yes....I'm an old dread sister now, but I have always had a thing about elves and faeries (just wish the stories had more people of color in them! Here's to the new generation of fantasy writers out there) x0x

06/06/11 07:12:08PM @chad-white:
Thanks for the awesome comments and the big ups, whats going on in the Bricks! Brick City Stand up! Yo do u like Rah Digga and Red Man- Serious New Jersey Flava Not to mention Naughty By Nature ! Now hip hop Horaay! !

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/03/11 09:39:11PM @soaring-eagle:

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